Congratulations on your upcoming company event! We would like to welcome you and state that it would be our pleasure to help you create a successful and fun event. Infinity Entertainment will provide a mix of business and pleasure for your event making sure you and your guests have a great time. Don't settle for the "regular" company parties. Expect the best! Infinity Entertainment and you can make your next company event the best you've ever had. We offer fun, interaction and excitement for everyone in attendance. The entire event is carefully designed with your interest in mind. Infinity Entertainment will provide the perfect mix of business and pleasure for your event, making sure you and your guests have a great time. Infinity Entertainment prides itself with having the best and most creative interactive events.

Powerful Reasons Companies choose Infinity Entertainment for their Special Events!!

FUN INTERACTIVE EVENTS!!! It is essential to have interactive events that will keep your employees involved all night long. We have proven, creative activities that we have shown to be successful in entertaining your guests.

COMPLIMENTARY ITEMS!!! We are one of the few companies in the valley that will bring complimentary items to every event at no additional cost to the clients. Items such as GLOW BRACELETS, PARTY BEADS, FOG MACHINE, BUBBLE MACHINE, TOYS, ETC.

PROFESSIONAL DJ’S!!! One of the most important things is selecting an entertainer who will represent your company in a professional way. Our DJ’s understand the importance of dressing appropriately, and understand the importance of organization as well as time management. Will have the ability to play the appropriate music to match the guest’s needs.

FULLY INSURED!!! We are insured with a $1,000,000-liability policy. This means that there should be no roadblock from your company for us to perform on your specific venue of choice.

RADIO-CLEAN VERSIONS!!! Our songs are radio edited and remixed so you know all your favorite songs will be played!! We carry a huge selection of today’s hottest Hip Hop & dance hits plus yesteryears favorites!! This means that your employees will be dancing and having a good time!!!

  • Google
  • Wells Fargo
  • Cookie Lee Inc.
  • John C. Lincoln
  • Liberty Mutual
  • American Express
  • Costco
  • P.F. Changs
  • F.B.I.
  • Intel
  • Phoenix Police Department
  • Sears
  • Capital Pacific Homes
  • Credit Union West
  • Hunter Engineering
  • Helix Electric
  • KB Homes
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Scottsdale Health